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Special: Head to Head Challenge

Mar 8, 2022Commercial Debt

Can your current collection agency collect more past due receivables for you than Melton Norcross and Associates?

At Melton Norcross and Associates, when we contact businesses about their process for collecting their past due receivables, we are often told that their business is currently working with a local collection agency and they are “satisfied” with the services being offered by that agency.

Our response is, “How do you know if your current collection agency is truly providing the best service possible for you if you don’t have another collection agency to compare them with to see which agency can collect the most money for you?”

Numbers don’t lie. If you place five accounts with Melton Norcross and Associates and five accounts with your existing collection agency, whoever collects the most money for you should be declared the winner and given your business, right?

At Melton Norcross and Associates we believe that competition among collection agencies is good because it forces us to perform at the highest level possible to serve you and collect the most money for you.

We believe you should never be just “satisfied” with the collection agency you partner with to collect your past due receivables. You should be THRILLED with their performance in collecting the money that is owed to you because they will collect more money for you than any other commercial collection agency.

The Collection Agency Challenge

We know that we can collect more money for you than any other commercial collection agency, so we want to call out your current collection agency for a collection challenge. The challenge is that you give us 5 past-due accounts, and you give your current collection agency 5 past-due accounts. After 90 days, whoever has collected the most money for you wins your business for 1 year. Sound fair?

If you want to experience working with the most hard-working and driven commercial collection agency in the country, contact us now for a free consultation by calling (866) 323-7043 or email me, David Roche, personally.



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