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What are the new debt collection laws in 2022?

No major changes to debt collection laws were scheduled to take effect in 2022. However, it is important to note that debt collection laws can vary by state and country and may be subject to change at any time. It is crucial for businesses engaged in debt collection to stay up to date on any changes to applicable laws and regulations in their jurisdiction.
What are the new debt collection laws in 2022?

Some important debt collection laws that are already in effect include the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) in the United States, which regulates how debt collectors can communicate with debtors and prohibits certain abusive or deceptive practices. Other countries and jurisdictions may have similar laws or regulations in place to protect debtors from unfair or abusive debt-collection practices.

In addition to federal and state-level laws, businesses engaged in debt collection may also need to comply with industry-specific regulations and guidelines. For example, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in the United States has published guidelines for debt collection practices that businesses in the industry are expected to follow.

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About Melton Norcross & Associates

Melton Norcross & Associates LLC is a commercial debt recovery firm based in Frisco, Texas. We offer comprehensive collection services to recover your past-due account receivables, freeing you from the hassle of collections internally.  Schedule a free consultation and price quote today.

We represent a multitude of clients across many different industries, however, our specialty is the OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY.

Melton Norcross & Associates is a full-service Texas debt collection agency with over 30 successful years in the industry. We specialize in turning our clients’ delinquent receivables into a positive cash flow for their business. As an industry-leading commercial debt collection firm, we’re confident that we show results that would be difficult for any new client to refuse – we will collect your delinquent receivables at the same great rate that we offer our best clients!

Our unyielding objective is to service our clients with the best possible commercial collection services at the lowest possible rates while maintaining a professional and efficient long-term partnership that honors integrity and honesty.

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Collect Your Past Due Receivables

When past due receivables are allowed to go on unchecked, they can hurt the cash flow of a business and even lead to closure due to unprofitable operations. Outsourcing debt collection operations helps to keep businesses alive by preventing the occurrence of bad debts, dysfunctional business relationships, and time wastage on payment re-negotiations.

It is less costly and a better return on investment to hire a commercial collection agency than risk taking massive losses from non paying clients.  Remove the stress and financial risk of trying to perform collections in house and instead outsource your collections to a commercial collection agency and streamline the operations of your business.

Do you have a business client that is more than 90 days late paying you?

If YES, we can collect the money that is owed to you.

As a professional commercial debt collection agency based in Frisco, Texas, Melton Norcross and Associates specializes in helping OIL & GAS OPERATORS collect past-due receivables from their service providers throughout the US, Canada, and the Middle East.